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Merk: Lifestyles
Productcode: 1038EU

Lifestyles has developed a revolutionary and proprietary soluble fibre blend that helps to supplement the body’s deficiency of fibre. FibreLife provides you with your daily source of fibre, while helping you regulate your appetite and achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

FibreLife is a scientific formulation that maximizes the natural goodness of fibre to:
• Promote gastrointestinal health
• Lower the number of calories your body absorbs from a meal
• Lower your levels of C-reactive protein
• Promote blood sugar regulation and digestive health
• Help you fight body pollution and detoxify more effectively
• Act as an inside sponge by binding cholesterol and toxins in your food before it’s absorbed
• Flush toxins out of your body

When ingested with sufficient amounts of water, FibreLife forms a gel-like complex of natural fibres. This complex slows the digestion of food and creates a feeling of fullness.

At Lifestyles we strive to formulate premium quality, natural source nutritional supplements and healthy eating habits, to help you Live Better. Every Day.

Get your daily dose of fibre today with Lifestyles FibreLife!